The Scholar Athlete

Being well rounded is very critical in the development of a student-athlete. Therefore, in addition to athletic skills, Long Island Thunderbolts players must also practice solid classroom skills, without exception, each Long Island Thunderbolts student-athlete must maintain a B average and must have good citizenship marks.
In 2009-10 we started to award each Student-athlete that maintains a 90 or better average in the classroom and attends over 90% of team events.

Alisha C.  (2nd year)
Alivia R. 
Caitlin N.             
Dina S. 
Emily H. (4th year)
Gracie B.
Jill H. 
(4th year)
Kathryn R. 
Meagan S.
Nicole T. 
(2nd year)
Sarah T. 
(2nd year)
Taylor P. 
Tina S. (4th year)

Alisha C.
Christina N. (2nd year)
Emily H. (3rd year)
Hanna Y.
Jill H. (3rd year)
Kylie M. (2nd year)
Melanie V.
Nicole T.
Olivia M.
Rachael W.
Sarah T.
Tina S. (3rd year)
Trinity G.  (2nd year)

Casey L.
Christina N.
Emily H.  (2nd year)
Isabella S.
Jessica V. (2nd year)
Jill H. (2nd year)
Katie D. (2nd year)
Katie F.
Kylie M.
Maddie S.
Riley L.
Samantha H. (2nd year)
Tina S. (2nd year)

Alyssa M. (4th year)
Becky E. (2nd year)
Bridget G. (2nd year)
Alexa C. (2nd year)
Jessica V.
Julianna V.
Alexandra L. (2nd year)
Katie D. (2nd year)
Jill H.
Emily H.
Tina S.
Kaitlyn W.
Samantha H.
Trinity G.

Alyssa M.  (3rd year)
Alexandra L.
Alexandra T.
Alexa C. 
Becky E.
Bridget G.
Caroline F.
Carlie O. (3rd year)
Erin S.
Jenna N.
Jessica J.
Kaitlin K.
Kayla B.
Mara K.
Miranda C
Katie D. 

Alyssa M.  (2nd year)
Carlie O. (2nd year)
Alyssa C.
Alex P.
Ashley N.
Paige N. (2nd year)
Alexa B.

Alyssa M.
Carlie O.
Gina S.
Alyssa C.
Paige N.

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