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1 -on-1 Lessons with Coach Carmine


One of the first questions many parents ask when beginning pitching lessons is "Should my daughter work on Speed or accuracy first?"

My answer is always the same " She should work on her form first. That means good load, proper approach, correct snap and perfect follow through. Once your daughter has proper form then the speed and accuracy can be the focus. I break the season down two seasons (off-season and in-season).

Off-Season training usually goes from September to March where the player will work on learning her next pitch and increasing her speed.

In-Season training the player will work on accuracy through repetition, drills and proper form.

Mental Approach - during each training session we also go over the mental side of pitching; how to setup a hitter, what to look for in a batter, how to bounce back after a rough outing, pitching with a plan and much more.


Not facing your average school ball pitchers anymore! Pitchers are getting faster and creating more ball movement as they get older and work harder, same should go for the Hitter.

After analyzing and video taping a player swing and approach. Coach Carmine breaks down the swing into its basic linear and rotational phases. Then we work to develop the 9 steps to a great hitter (Stance, Load, Toe Touch, Heel Plant, Connection, Bat Lag, Contact, Extension, and finally Finish

Mental Approach - During each training session we also go over the mental side of hitting; what to do for pre-game warm-ups. What to be looking for when in the dugout, on-deck and in the batter’s box. How to take signs, knowing the count, what to look for and when and stepping in and out of your bubble.


Catcher: The Field General. Next to the pitcher the most important player on the field. From calling a good game, to making that play at the plate. This has never been an easy job. Errant balls, foul tips, and flying bats, not to mention all that gear in the 90 degree summer heat are all a source of pain for catchers. There is an expression that says the double play is the pitchers best friend. but ask any good pitcher and will tell you its their catcher. From calling a good game, to blocking that great drop pitch and throwing out the speedy runner, the catcher has to have it all.

We will work on developing you to be that Field General; how to call pitches, block balls, lineup behind the plate, give you the best possible chance to throw out base runners, watch the hitters warm up swings, see how they lineup in the batter box.

Mental Approach - How and when to talk to you pitcher, catch at your pitchers pace, what to do when the pitchers pitch is not working. How to take charge, and how to become that umpire's best friend.


For teams or league looking to incorporate full team training sessions, Coach Carmine has organized and conducted full team work outs and training for both on-off sessions.

Coach Carmine has worked with East Meadow Little league program and the Syosset youth program in develop its players in all facets of the game; Hitting, Fielding, throwing, pitching and base running. Coach Carmine can make any program to fit your needs. We also run coaching clinics for little league programs in the area.

The average session run for about 2 hours and are adjusted to the player skill level and what the catches want to improve on


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